Best Rice Cooker Brands

Best rice cooker brands

Who doesn’t love rice? I always have a spicy rice cooked in my Rice Cooker. After all, it is my favorite breakfast as well, and I love to bite those fluffy grains with roasted veggies in them.

Preparing a delicious pot of Rice in a Rice Cooker isn’t a tedious task at all. The real fuss is which Rice Cooker to choose and which brand to trust?

Nowadays, there are plenty of rice cooker brands in the market, but the confusion is which one of them is the best and worth the money invested?

In this article, I will try to list out some of the top selling and reputable Best Rice Cooker Brands that will make your rice fluffier than ever.

Top 5 Best Rice Cooker Brands

1: Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo is one of the most popular rice cooker brands in the world. Their appliances are more than just a cooking gadget. Their cookers cook slow, sautes/browns and fluffy rice. You can even prepare yogurt or steam food and even reheat it in their rice cooker.

Not to mention that their cookers come loaded with several features that easy to operate and very handy as well.

2: Aroma Housewares

Aroma Housewares is our favorite brands. Their cookers are ideal for dorm rooms and apartments and come packed with multiple functions. Their prices are very much affordable, and the cooker can also prepare steamy vegetables.

Most of their cookers can yield 8 cups of cooked rice at a time with programmable digital control like steam, white rice, brown rice, automatic keep warm system and delay timer as well. Nearly all of their rice cookers have the ability to switch off when the cooking is complete automatically. Their cookers are also affordable.

3: Zojirushi

Zojirushi is a brand known for quality. Their rice cookers prepare restaurant-quality rice at home. It is delicious, fluffy and steamy with a spicy aroma reaching inside your nose. The design is unique and simple. Most of their cookers have a retractable power cord as well that gives you the ease of portability and storage.

When it comes to functionality, you can prepare 3 to 6 cups of cooked rice. This makes the brand perfect for singles, couples, and small families. Other than rice cooking you can also prepare porridge, sweet rice and mixed rice in the cooker.

4: Panasonic

Panasonic is a brand that needs no introduction. Though their rice cookers have a slightly high price tag quality wise they are the best. Multi-functional and user-friendly is what Panasonic’s cookers are known for. However, most of their cookers are small and perfect for small or average sized families.

5: Tiger

A fresh brand in the market that gained massive respect and popularity for its impeccable kitchen appliance. Their rice cookers are known for their fancy design and versatility. Their cookers have syncro-cooking functions which mean, you can cook rice and the main dish simultaneously with a simple push of the button.

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