5 Good Rice Cookers you must have Before Year End

Best Rice cooker Brand in 2019Having a modern kitchen appliance is necessary to cook healthy meals. Such as a “Good Rice Cooker.” You must have a reliable and quality rice cooker because choosing the right one can be tricky.

For this reason, we have listed top 5 Good Rice Cookers that are ready to prepare some delicious and healthy meals for you and your family. They provide great nutrition value, high efficiency, quality materials and simplicity embedded in their design.

Below we have reviewed the best rice cooker models that will benefit you in the long run and are guaranteed to fulfill all your cooking needs.

1: Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmercome with multiple functions and not to mention a very affordable price that adds a lot to its selling point. It has a great capacity and can cook enough rice for a one-time meal.

The appliance itself is very light in weight with solid stainless steel constructions and user-friendly features. The inner pot is easily detachable and washable as well. It also boasts micom fuzzy logic technology that cooks rice perfectly.

2: Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2 Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

This one is our favorite pick of the day. The Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2 Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker is made especially for large families. It has a capacity of more than 3 cups of rice at a time and doesn’t compromise on quality at all. The appliance comes with a Neuro Fuzzy Technology as well that makes it run on complete autopilot. You just have to take out the rice and serve.

3: Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2 Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

Another one from the Zojirushi brand with tons of user-friendly features that ease the whole rice cooking process.  It comes with fuzzy logic technology that prepares rice 100% perfectly. There are many customizable features as well, and you can easily program this smart appliance as per your cooking needs.

4: Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Cooked 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Cooked 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a steamer as well with a stainless-steel exterior that prevents rust. It has a very competitive price with one-year solid warranty.

Being a large cooker, it has a capacity of 8 cups of cooked rice. This means fully cooked meals for the entire family to be served two times. The cooker is ideal for those having a big family.

5: Aroma Housewares Stainless 6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker

Because we care for you a lot, we have also added Aroma Housewares Stainless 6-Cup Cooked good Rice Cooker for small families. It is a surgical grade cooking pot with enough capacity to serve cooked rice at least twice a person. It has some great user-friendly features and simple operation that makes the whole process a lot easier for you.

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